Best Drones For Kids

What is the best drones for kids? Its a simple question but what actually makes a good drone for kids and do people actually make drones for this?

Drones actually started off life as a cute toy for kids. Its only in recent years that their popularity has exploded and people from all age groups have started buying drones. Kids love toys and really, drones are just toys when you get to the bottom of it!

What makes the best kids drones?

If you’re on this site you probably already know what a drone is. But what makes a certain drone suitable for kids and what can make it completely unsuitable.

Things a Kids Drone needs

  • Cheaper. Not bad quality, just not too expensive that a broken propeller makes you cry.
  • Easy to fly. Kids get bored quick. If its too difficult to fly, they’re going to get bored.
  • Safe. Propeller guards are essential and don’t go for an enormous drone that will take your face off when things go wrong.
  • Brightly colored. Just because its fun.
  • Built in tricks might be fun.
  • Ready to fly. Building a drone is quite difficult and kids just want the flying at this stage.

Things you don’t want in a kids drone

  • Expensive. As above, this drone is likely to get crashed and more money usually means more fragile kit or a faster, more difficult to control drone.
  • Long range. Your kids probably aren’t bothered about long range so don’t waste money on it.
  • Huge size. Pick a small drone for your kids drone as they will probably wanna fly it indoors.
  • Not too small. They’l also want to fly it outdoors!

Do I need to spend a fortune??

Drone costs are like a piece of string. You could spend 20 dollars, you could spend a thousand dollars. For a childs drone you should really be looking at drones under 100 dollars as its likely to take a real beating and you don’t want to waste too much….But on the other hand you don’t want an awful drone that your kid can’t fly or the battery doesn’t last.

You should be able to get a kids drone for less than 100 dollars.

What are the best drones for kids?

And now we get to the bones of it. Which are the best drones for your children? Here are three that we think are worth looking at.

1best drone for kidsForce 1 UFO Drone
2space key droneSpace Key
3holy stone hs170Holy Stone HS170

Force 1 UFO Drone

You can get this kids drone for under $50 currently (price might have changed by now!). This has been specifically designed with kids in mind. Bright colors and sturdy plastic with a simple control strategy.

The flashing LED’s are everywhere! And its not just for show, they protect the propellers from inevitable bumps and crashes. The drone also has 3 flight modes depending on how advanced your little cherub is.

Extremely easy to fly, with masses of flashing lights and a good battery time.


Space Key

Cool name. Cool drone. The Space key has an HD camera with real time FPV direct to your phone. But don’t worry about holding your phone while flying, there’s a little bracket on the controller to hold onto it!

For a kids drone its actually quite advanced. The space key has altitude hold and also folds up into a nice little package much like more expensive drones and also includes one key take off and landing as well as propeller guards and an excellent, solid plastic build quality.


Holy Stone HS170

The Holy stone kinda reminds me of a flying insect. It looks cool, with a slender body. I don’t know if this helps with the flying but this is a stable drone. Even in high winds it seems to stay in place.

This is a good drone for any kid. It has 3 levels of flying that you can select. Easy, medium, FAST! Meaning that as you progress you can switch it up a bit.

The light weight means you get around 8 minutes flight time and then you just charge from a USB supply. The control range is also impressive for a kids drone at 40-50 meters.