Best Drones Under $100

Can you get a good drone for under 100 dollars? When you think of drones, you probably imagine your wallet emptying quite quickly. And well it is true that the more you pay the better the drone, you can actually get a pretty decent drone for less than 100 dollars. Prepare to discover which are the best drones under 100 dollars.

If you are looking in this price range then you are probably looking to learn. Flying a quad-copter can be quite challenging for a beginner.

So what do you get for 100 dollars? You will likely get a sturdy, beginners drone that will let you learn the ropes. A drone that you can bash around a little bit without too much worry. Surprisingly, drones in this price bracket are usually very sturdy as they expect beginners to be buying and operating them.

The Best 5 Drones For Under 100 Dollars

Here is a summary of what we think are the best drones you can buy for under a hundred dollars.

NoPictureUseful FeatureName
1Full HD camera with wide angle lensHoly Stone HS110D
2Gesture control.Haoxin F21G
3Foldable design with wide angle lensSnaptain A15
4Dual HD cameras with follow me option.Sgota RC Drone
52 HD Cameras with unique design and lost-control technologyScharkSpark SS41

Holy Stone HS110D

This drone is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best drones under 100 dollars. The drone comes complete with a wide angle HD camera that provides exceptional live, first person video via your phone that can be mounted neatly on the controller….Or you could mount it in your head mounted display of course.

best drones under 100

The Holy Stone HS110D is a great choice for a beginner drone pilot with altitude hold and emergency stop features.

You get around 10 minutes flying time from a charge time of 120 minutes with a transmitter range of around 100m…Although the video will only transmit about 50m. If you want extra flying time and just chant wait for it to charge, you could always get extra batteries. The modular battery system means you can just swap them out between flights.


The Haoxin F21G comes with built in crash bars! Like most of the camera drones on this list, the camera is an HD offering and the picture quality is excellent, however this budget drone has another trick up its sleeve. Gesture photography and route planning.

Gesture photography and route planning both make the experience more hands off. Rather than having to steer ad point the camera, you can pre-plan your shoot and then just star in the film. The route planning is an incredible feature at this price.

However, the first thing you notice about this hundred dollar drone is the size. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand but it still offers 10 minutes flying time per charge.

All this features might make you think its complicated to fly but its actually still designed for beginners and still has the one-key take off and landing where the drone will land softly when the batteries are dying.


This is a fold-able drone from snaptain with voice control and HD wide angle cameras. This is a great looking drone with features galore and at 100 dollars, seems to still be aimed at the professional market.

The voice control is an interesting feature on the Snaptain A15 that lets you shout commands at the drone rather than using the controller.

As well as the voice control, the drone features ‘follow trajectory’ options where you simply draw the route on an app, and the drone follows it and other useful stuff like altitude hold and one key landing.

Unusually for a drone this size, it has modular batteries, meaning you can swap em out when you need to rather than having to wait for them to charge.


The SGOTA drone has dual HD cameras and folds up into a neat little package when you aren’t using it!

The follow me mode is great and the video and pictures are always clear and stable. This drone also offers a return to me function where you press a single button and the drone uses its on board navigation feature to find its way back.

Like most drones on this list you can expect to get 10 – 12 minutes flying time from a single charge and it has another useful feature where you can switch between three speed settings as you progress.

ScharkSpark SS41

This ScharkSpark drone is probably one of the weirder looking drones on the list of best drones under 100 dollars. It has a bright orange front and a very unusual rotor configuration where 2 are pointing down and 2 are pointing up.

The drone has dual HD cameras and a number of sensors to keep it stable and in position, even in the wind.

The ScharkSpark SS41 has gesture control and lots of other features but the main advantage this drone has over others is the manufacturer stated flying time of 14 minutes per charge!

The battery is modular so you can swap it out rather than waiting for a charge up.

So which are the best drones for under $100?

Any of the five drones on the list above! These are the features we look for in a good drone:

  • Stability. If its not stable in flight then it becomes frustrating to fly and position.
  • Battery life. Short battery life will kill your drones usefulness and enjoyment.
  • Camera quality. If it aint HD forget it!
  • Additional features like route planning and altitude fixing.
  • Cool looks. Not essential, but godd for showing off to your friends!

In conclusion, our list above shows that you can easily get a great RC Drone for under one hundred dollars if you hunt around a bit and know what you are looking for.