Best Drones Under $200

What are the best drones under 200 dollars? It might sound like a lot of money but in the world of the drone pilot, two hundred dollars could vanish in a whirl of rotor blades. But on the other hand, if you know what you want and look around a little bit then there is no reason why 200 dollars shouldn’t get you a very good drone.

What Can You Get For 200 Dollars?!

Now, you don’t want to spend 200 dollars, you want to know the best drones under 200 dollars. In our opinion, you should be able to get a decent drone for this price. Your drone will have at least one very good, HD camera, a good battery time, be stable in flight and might have other more pro user features.

You should also be able to get a good brand and a drone that is sturdy enough to fit most needs. You aren’t going to get professional drones at this price point, but you will get a better version of the best drones for 100 dollars.

5 Best Drones For Under 200 Dollars

NoPictureUseful FeatureName
1best drone under 200 dollarsComes with an aluminium carry case and adjustable wide angle lensesPotensic T25
2Cheerwing W1PROBrushless motors, GPS positioning and dual HD camerasCheerwing W1PRO
3Padded caseand adjustable cameras with GPS TrackingLe-idea GPS Drone
4holy stone droneFoldable rc drone with full HD cameras and GPS TrackingHoly Stone GPS Drone
5drones with camerasBrushless GPS Drone with great looks and extra batteriesDrone with camera

Potensic T25

An excellent drone for under 200 dollars the Potensic T25 not only looks incredible, it also comes with a silver carry case to keep your new drone in tip top condition. As well as the features of the cheaper drones such as one touch landing and take off, this drone has more advanced features like adjustable camera lenses and GPS tracking.

The follow me mode and the GPS system means that you can operate this drone almost completely hands free.

The 300m range and the big batteries mean you can have more fun for longer. As well as 2 batteries you get a host of other spares in the box as well including spare propeller blades and a screwdriver!

Cheerwing W1PRO

The first thing you notice about this Cherwing drone is the protectors on the end of each rotor. They actually look great but they also function well, being positioned just right.

This is a great looking drone, and it comes with two HD cameras and 5g and wifi support. The drone has GPS positioning and return to home facility when the battery gets low.

Follow me and gesture control are standard as well as altitude hold and way point flights….But whats truly shocking about this drone is the manufacturers claimed flight time of 18 minutes!

This amazing flying time is due to the dual batteries, but obviously you can use just one if you want for half the flying time.

le-idea GPS Drone

The Le idea drone doesn’t just have a silly name, its actually a great looking drone for less than 200 dollars, and this drone comes with 4k camera tech.

The IDEA drone has all the usual features of a drone in this price range but also has a 90 degree, adjustable 4k camera that is usually only found on more expensive quad copters.

GPS Drone

The drone has a return home facility whereby it comes back to wherever is programmed as home when the battery goes flat or it goes out of range of the controls. It has a 15 minute flight time on a full charge and has SD card support for recording in flight video.

This drone comes with a padded carry bag and the rotors fold up when not in use.

One thing that is slightly annoying is the lack of 4k when streaming live…Its still HD but why not 4k, that would be amazing.

Holy Stone GPS Drone

This is a full HD, folding drone and is one of the best drones under 200 dollars. This RC Quadcopter folds almost into a square shape when its not in use.

The holy stone drone has full HD camera with 5g support. It has a follow me feature and a 15 minute flying time and has support for SD card….Although it would be nice to get this with the pack rather than having to buy it separately.

RC Quadcopter Drone

The drone has a waypoint facility meaning you can tap points on an app/map and the drone flies there. Or if you prefer you can use the circle option which will circle a point on a map at a programmable radius and height.

B2C Specter MJX Bugs 2

Iv called it “drones with camera” above, because that’s what the manufacturer called it but this drone is actually called B2C Specter MJX Bugs 2….Bit of a mouthful isn’t it? Whatever its called, this is a unique looking RC Drone with one set of orange rotors and one black set and a striking white body.

Great drone for under 200 dollars

The drone has brushless motors and GPS routing options as well as the usual follow me and circle functions. The brushless motors are very quiet indeed and the flight is extremely stable, in even in wind.

In the box you get spare propellers, 2 batteries and a screwdriver.

So You Can Get an Incredible RC Drone Under 200 Dollars

So there you have it, you can get a very good drone for very little cash. I thinnk the drones above prove that you can get a near pro product for this price point if you know where to look. Happy droning!