Best Drones Under $500

If your max budget is 500 dollars then you are going to get a pretty decent drone. The best drones under 500 dollars will usually be a good package that has most things you need.

At this price range you are getting towards professional kit, but still not too expensive that you need a small business loan to get your hands on one. You can expect to get a good quality drone with an excellent camera and some pretty advanced features and some racing drones are around the 500 dollar mark.

Five Best Drones Under $500

NoPictureUseful FeatureName
1upair 2 camera drone3-eye ultra HD cameraUPair Two Drone
2camera drone under 500 dollarsHD wide angled 4k camera. GPS intelligent tracking. 28 minute flight timeDron VS F11
3wltoys x380Accurate altitude and GPS tracker. 30 minute flight time. 24.ghz controller.WLtoys X380
4md group rcBrushless motors with HD cameras and GPS trackingMD Group RC Quadcopter
5qaqa folding droneFoldable drone with hd 5G camera and 20 minute flight timeQAQA Folding drone

But before you run out and grab yourself a new drone, here is the lowdown on the top 5 drones for under 500 dollars.

UPair Two Drone

The UPair drone must have the weirdest looking camera on a drone ever. It has three lenses, but once you get over this weirdness you realize that its actually a really good drone with a great camera. Why does it look like that? I have no idea but its an ultra HD camera that takes razor sharp footage.

As well as the great footage the camera itself is mounted on a 3-axis, gimbal you can control from the drone remote, meaning you can point the camera where you want without turning the drone in that direction.

The drone has return to home function and a 24 minute flight time as well as the usual follow me function and the one button take off and land for beginners….But all these features mean nothing, it has 3 eyes!

Dron VS F11

If you are looking for a great looking drone with a full HD camera then this has to be one of the best drones for under 500 dollars.

The Dron VS F11 is a sleek black drone that folds neatly away when you aren’t using it. It has a built in 4k adjustable camera that picks up gesture controls from around 3m away. The drone has SD card support but you need to provide it yourself.

The manufacturer say that you can expect 28 minutes flight time from this drone which is nice, but it would have been good to get some spare propellers in the box as well.

WLtoys X380

30 minutes flying time!

Don’t let the ‘toy’ in the name put you off, this is a very capable drone. The 30 minute flying time by itself makes this a great drone for under five hundred dollars but it also looks incredible and has all the features you would expect at this price.

is this the best drone for 500 dollars

The WLtoys X380 is incredibly sturdy and comes with spare propellers and has so much speed and power that it can fly in almost a gale force wind!

The range on the transmitter is amazing but if it strays out of range there is always the return to home function.

MD Group RC Quadcopter

With its brushless motors and HD camera the MD Group drone is a little bit of a bargain. It looks great, with protection bars on each rotor and curvy controller. The drone also has GPS built into the controller as well as the drone itself to try and make the ‘follow me’ function even better. Does it make a difference? Unknown, but it does seem to work well.

One key return to home function means you should never lose it and it also features mission planners and route follower as standard.

A great drone with 20 minute flight times.

QAQA Folding drone

This foldable drone features a full HD camera with a very wide angle lens….In fact you can do panoramas! The QAQA (Not sure how you are supposed to say that) Looks great, Offers GPS positioning, follow me and return to home features.

foldable drone

As with a lot of the more expensive drones the QAQA uses brushless motors meaning a quieter drone, longer battery times and lots of power. This is a quick drone, so might be better for the more experienced drone pilot!

What to look for in the best drone under 500 dollars

Five hundred dollars is a lot of cash for a drone but what do you actually get that is better than, say a 150 dollar drone?

  • Better battery life. The number one feature that you find on the more expensive drones is always battery life. You might get 10 – 15 minutes out of a cheap drone, on these drones you can usually expect to get 15 – 25 minutes or more. It makes a big difference, especially if you are doing anything more than just messing about in the yard.
  • 4k cameras…Or at the very least full HD Cameras. Cheaper drones usually have what the manufacturers call a HD camera, but its usually 720p at best and the quality isn’t usually the best.
  • Some come with carry cases. Usually aluminium or padded of some kind. You’r spending a lot of money on your drone so you want to keep it safe as you carry it around.
  • GPS tracking is usually standard at this price. This means you can almost set and forget the drone and concentrate on shooting great footage and photos.

Can you get a great drone for this price?

Definitely. For this price you should be getting a professional grade camera drone that is more than capable of shooting pro footage and live stream.