Drone X Pro Review

Are you looking for a Drone X pro review? There are lots of drones available. All shapes, sizes and prices. But lots of people have been talking about this one. The drone X Pro. What are people saying about it? It looks great, and it is certainly selling well, but is it any good?

If you are not really bothered about reading a review and just want to get your hands on one you can buy a drone x pro on amazon now.

For those of you with a bit more patience, lets get on with seeing whats so good about this camera drone.

First, the specification.

Drone x pro specification

Im not going to bore you with all the technical spec, jsut the bits we are interested in.

  • Flight time : 15 Minutes
  • Drone x pro battery : 800mAh Lithium battery (Takes about an hour to charge)
  • Remote battery : 3 x AA 1.5v
  • Camera : 720P HD, Wide angle, adjustable with real time FPV…4K Photos
  • Color : Black
  • Looks : Amazing

I think that’s about all we need to know really, so lets have a look at some pics.

Is this camera drone any good?

The first thing you notice is the look of it. It looks amazing. Black and slick and just looks how you would imagine a drone to look. Even when its just sat there, it looks like its about to spring into action and start spying on the neighbours or something.

This is a fold-able drone that folds into a neat rectangle package so you don’t need to worry about snapping any of the arms off in transit, and it doesn’t take up too much space in your backpack. Even the remote control is a tiny little, neat package.

This is an extremely lightweight drone, which seems great when you carry it around but it means you struggle to control it in strong winds. Not sure whether this is due to slow motors but the speed in general seems to be very sluggish as well.

On the up side, you are still getting an incredible drone for the price. Under a hundred dollars and you get yourself a professional drone with an excellent camera and battery life. The drone x pro takes about an hour to charge and 5 minutes to put together and you will get around 10 minutes flying time but additional batteries are widely available.

It is a powerful, lightweight drone that offers exceptional stability and performance. You will be hard pushed to find a better drone at this price point. In the pack you get spare propellers and you can even buy a pack with spare batteries for extra play time.

A word of warning, the instructions arent great but if you hunt online you can find a pretty good PDF.