Learn to fly a drone I thought, Piece of piss I thought!

Actually its turning out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be. Iv flown drones before, so stupidly i thought i would be able to get straight on it, buy a racing drone. So i bought the frame, some motors and a controller. Then started reading drone tutorials and watching youtube videos……Should probs have done that before I started buying stuff.

First advice i kept hearing. Get simulator first. So on a whim, i got a simulator and started trying to fly a drone….And i use the word ‘fly’ very loosely. Man this is hard!

Turns out i need to learn something called ‘Acro mode’ if i wanna fly properly. Cue the simulator and hours and hours and hours of crashing and generally fucking it up.

There is quite a few drone simulators, I chose one called ‘lift off’. Mainly because it was on steam, which I already use, but also because it seemed to involve Josh Bardwell who i’d been watching on youtube.

If you fancy a laugh, here are my first few videos on said simulator….The first of many i thinks.

woohoo I lasted a whole 20 seconds before spinning wildly into the ground.

I’m glad I tried this on the simulator first! More practice required before I can blast the 5 inch racing drone round the local park without killing someone.