Why would you not want drones with cameras? Remember when drones didn’t have cameras. It used to be the case that small HD cameras were either just too expensive or they simply didn’t exist. But drones did still exist.

Although you can actually still get drones without a camera, most bigger drones now come with a camera attached.

Some drones have one camera and some have two…Some even have 3! An HD camera has an obvious advantage on a drone and in some cases it is absolutely necessary feature in most cases.

Best Drones With Cameras

Camera drones seem to be a mine field. There are HD cameras, 5g cameras…the list goes on. So which are the best drones with cameras?

NoPictureUseful FeatureName
1best camera drone40 minutes flight time, adjustable camera position.JJRC H68 Drone
2Hobbytiger RC DroneAdjustable HD Camera, GPS assisted flying. Looks incredibleHOBBYTIGER H301S Ranger
3potensic foldable droneFoldable drone with ultrasonic altitude settings. Full HD WIFI cameraPotensic D88
4cheerwing syma camera drone6-axis gyro. WIFI HD camera. 1 Key 360 degree roll featureCheerwing Syma X5SW-V3
5kids droneexcelent kids drone with HD camera. Real time wifi. Almost indestructible.SANROCK U61W

JJRC H68 Drone

A stylish, RC Drone with HD Camera and 40 minutes flying time. The JJRC H68 comes in black or white, but i think the white version just looks better, cleaner and more high tech for my liking…..However I do prefer the black controller with the gold sticks.

So about the flight time, you can get 40 minutes from a single charge! How they do this is by giving you two batteries to plug in.

The camera has first person view with real time footage via your mobile phone, which sits conformable on the controller.

The drone has altitude hold and is extremely stable during flight. At this price range I think you would struggle to find a better drone with a camera.

Another thing to keep in mind is that 40 minutes play time means 2 hours charging time!


The first thing you notice about the Hobbytiger is its looks. It looks incredible, and you can only imagine how much those rotor bumper bars are going to get used.

This slick drone has altitude hold and follow me features and has an adjustable HD camera mounted at the front. It has one key takeoff and a controller that actually looks like a playstation controller.

The Hobbytiger camera has a real time first person view and a smart return to home feature. For this price you wouldn’t expect to see these features which makes it a great camera drone. You also get 4 spare propellers included in the box.

Potensic D88

The Potensic D88 is the most expensive drone on this list, but it is a great bit of kit.

This is a foldable drone that uses optical flow positioning, gps settings and comes with a professional carry case. The Potensic camera drone is aimed firmly at the professional market.

It comes with a 2k full HD camera mounted on a 2-axis gimbal that give crystal clear, sharp images.

Battery life is average at 20 minutes but this is an incredibly fast drone. The Potensic D88 features ultrasonic altitude control making it exceptionally stable, even in winds.

This doesn’t feel like a cheap flimsy drone and anyone would be happy to pay the higher price for it. Its a rugged drone that will stand up to some abuse….You also get 4 spare propellers in the box, but it would be nice to get a spare battery with it, given the max flight time of 20 minutes.

Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3

This bargain drone has 6-axis controls and is specifically designed to be easy for anyone to control. It has been produced to make it easy and stable to fly.

The Cheerwing camera drone has an HD camera that allows first person view via wifi.

Being aimed at the beginner means that this drone is sturdy and stable but it also has more fun features like one key 360 degree rolls and a control distance of around 50m. This is an excellent drone with fun features that make it easy to fly but cheap enough to let you practice with.


The Sanrock U61W is a drone specifically made for kids! It has protectors around the propellers and is made of sturdy plastic to help it cope with knocks and bumps that kids are going to give it.

Just because its a kids drone it doesn’t mean it isn’t a capable drone. It comes with altitude mode, headless mode and one stop take off and landing.

The Sanrock has a HD camera with wifi first person view. The range is around 80ft and it makes an excellent first camera drone for anyone for indoor or outdoor use.