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BETAFPV Beta85 Pro 2 Frsky FCC 2S Brushless Whoop Drone with F4 AIO FC 5A ESC 25mW C01 Camera 30 Degree 1103 11000KV Motor Tiny Whoop FPV Racing

  • Equipped with the updated F4 1-2S AIO brushless FC with an integrated 25mW VTX, it saves the drone's weight to 40.4g without battery
  • 【1103 11000KV Motor】1103 11000KV motorsJust plug and play connector. Without soldering or tinkering necessary
  • 【C01 Micro Camera 】Miniature, and lightweight design, weight at only 1.4g, best for saving drone's weight
  • 【Durable Frame&Props】With durable and light enough frame for 85mm whoop. Washout issue almost doesn't exist with Gemfan 2020 4-Blades Props
  • 【Lighter, powerful for fpv racing】Beta85 Pro 2 only weighs 40.4g without battery, perfectly suitable for FPV racing

BETAFPV Meteor65 Acro 1S Brushless Whoop Drone Frsky with 19500KV 0802SE Motor BT2.0 Connector F4 1S Brushless Flight Controller Micro Tiny Whoop FPV Whoop Drone

  • 【BT2.0 Connector】The Meteor65 1S whoop drone comes with BETAFPV exclusive designed BT2.0 connector, which can support 9A continuous current and 15A burst while the PH2.0 connector just supports 4.5A continuous current. Solving the low voltage warning issue of PH2.0 connector on 1S brushless whoop when you start flying
  • 【19500KV 0802SE Motor&31mm Props】Equipped with 0802 19500KV motor, the KV value is lower than racing version, which makes the flight time up to 4min. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight for beginners
  • 【F4 1S Frsky FC&C01O Camera】BETAFPV newest and lightest F4 1S brushless FC integrated 25mW VTX. It’s a perfect combo which has better performance on function for maximum weight savings
  • 【Meteor65 Frame】New marvellous design with 3.2g ultra lightweight. Compared to previous 65mm brushless frames, motor mounting position uses triangle bilateral stretch structure, makes frame more aesthetic. With the low profile of battery slot height, the drone's gravity center is reduced and improved the sense of compactness. It provides you more durable and smoother flight experience

BETAFPV Beta65S Brushed Whoop Drone 1S Frsky FPV Quadcopter with F4 1S Brushed FC M01 AIO Camera 25mW 5.8G VTX 716 19000KV Motor for Tiny Whoop FPV Racing

  • 【Update】Beta65S with 7x16mm brushed motors has been upgraded F4 Brushed Frsky FC with M01 AIO Camera 5.8G VTX
  • 【Motor&Props】More punch on throttle with faster 19000KV 7x16mm motors and 3-blade propellers. A great alternative to popular regular Tiny Whoop quadcopter
  • 【Injection Molding Canopy】The latest Beta65S has been updated with the injection molding canopy which is more durable
  • 【Binding】This is a SPI Frsky receiver. Binding easier than before, no need to click the bind button when powering on.
  • 【Support】Some basic guidance and typical FAQ, please check it here : Any other problem feel free to contact:

BETAFPV Beta95X 4S Cine Whoop Frame Kit Black Frame Stiffener Brace of Carbon Fiber for 1105 Brushless Motor Beta95X Beta85X FPV Cine Whoop

  • 【Compatible】The newest Beta95X frame is compatible with all the parts on your Beta85X drone, which means pilots can use the original electronic parts and motors on your 85X drone
  • 【Lightweight】Super lightweight. 95X frame is a 2.5inch single rack which weighs only 13.5g. Comes with a led holder and antenna holder, convenient for installing a LED board and antenna
  • 【Stiffener Brace of Carbon Fiber】The Carbon Brace can reinforce the drone, avoid instability caused by too strong power. It will increase the stiffness and support across the frame. Prevents a lot of damage and still get solid flight time
  • 【Motor&Props】Beta95X frame can fit the 110x brushless motors like 1105 brushless motors and 2.5" propellers perfectly. With this equipment you could experience the great flying experience on a 95X drone

BETAFPV Meteor75 1S Brushless Whoop Drone TBS Crossfire with F4 1-2S AIO FC BT2.0 Connector 1102 18000KV motor M01 AIO Camera 25mW VTX for Tiny Whoop Micro FPV Racing Whoop Drone Quadcopter

  • 【BT2.0 Connctor】With The BT2.0 connector, Meteor75 effectively decreases internal connector resistance for a much better discharge performance compare with initial PH2.0 connector
  • 【BT2.0 450mAh 1S Battery】Meteor75 is the first generation whoop powered by brand-new BT2.0 450mAh 1S battery,you can get 3:00-4:00 flight time
  • 【1102 18000KV Motors】Equipped the latest 1102 18000KV motors and 40mm 3-blade props, which provides pilots stronger experience of a powerful outdoor flight like a 2S whoop drone
  • 【F4 1- 2S AIO FC】With the high performance STM32F411 processor 1-2S AIO FC boards and betaflight_matekf411rx_4.0.0 (Development Version), pre-soldered the BT2.0 cable, which can provide more stable and powerful 9A continuous current

BETAFPV Beta95X V3 HD Digital VTX 4S Pusher Whoop Drone TBS Crossfire with Nebula Nano HD F4 AIO 20A Toothpick FC 1106 3800KV Motor for SMO 4K Camera Naked GoPro Insta360 Go Camera FPV Filming

  • 【SMO 4K Camera Mount】Beta95X V3 pusher drone comes with a camera mount and power cable which is perfectly suitable for SMO 4K camera. Easy to install the camera and power input, further to fulfilled the FPV film shooting needed for pilots
  • 【Beta95X V3 Pusher Frame】Beta95X V3 pusher frame is a brand-new innovative pusher frame. Made of high-quality PA12 material, it has a high strength, toughness and impact resistance performance. It also comes with an EVA foam cushioning design. Pilots can get a more durable flight and no fear of damage
  • 【Nebula Nano HD System】Equipped with the Nebula Nano HD System, perfectly supports the DJI HD system. This lightweight kit also provides a stable FPV picture and long transmission distance, greatly bring you a unique flight experience
  • 【Pusher Style&Rubber Dumpers】Battery and camera will be placed on the top of frame, the center of gravity is right in the middle of the drone. It also comes with rubber dumpers to further eliminates the shake of HD camera. Pilots can maneuver the drone easily and capture the beautiful moments of flight with stabilized and clear video
  • 【4S Power Drone】Equipped with F4 AIO 20A toothpick FC V4, 3800KV 1106 motors and Gemfan D63 5-blade propellers, the equipment will reduce the noise but it can keep the high-efficient power

BETAFPV M01 AIO Camera 5.8GHz VTX Transmitter 800TVL NTSC Support OSD SmartAudio for 1-2S Whoop Drone like Beta65S Beta85 Pro 2(Pin-Connected Version)

  • 【C01 Camera with M01 VTX】C01 camera is the lightest micro FPV camera, adapted a 1/4'' CMOS sensor, 2.1mm lens for 800TVL resolution and excellent latency while minimizing the weight to 1.4g
  • 【Easy to install】The M01 VTX comes with pluggable Pins, which is convenient assembly with brushed FC, just plug and play. Cutting the pins shorter will make it easier to install
  • 【Suitable】The M01 AIO camera is suitable for 1-2S brushed or brushless whoop drone like Beta65S, Beta85 Pro 2, etc
  • 【Weight】Ultra-lightweight 3g with a small size of **mm***mm***mm. Bring you an unexpected flying experience
  • 【Package】BETAFPV M01 AIO camera comes with a super Mini 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter, C01 800TVL FPV Camera, RG178 Antenna, and a micro canopy

BETAFPV Beta65S Lite Micro Drone 1S Brushed FPV Whoop Quadcopter Bayang with Lite FC Silverware Firmware C01 Camera 7X16 19000KV Motor for Tiny Whoop FPV Racing

  • 【Equipment】Beta65S Lite micro drone is equipped with updated Lite brushed FC V2, C01 camera, and 7x16 19000KV brushed motors. Powered by Silverware firmware, much simple and much affordable
  • 【Lite Brushed FC V2】Updated Lite FC integrates 25mW VTX, supports change VTX channel brand via control. Add LiteOSD information and OSD Menu and support firmware upgrade in DFU mode via USB port
  • 【Bayang Protocol】Built-in Bayang protocol native receiver, compatible with almost radio transmitter with deviation firmware or deviation compatible transmitter module
  • 【Supported radio transmitter】You can use this drone with BETAFPV LiteRadio 2(Bayang)transmitter; TX01 radio transmitter; Jumper T8SG radio transmitter; Radio transmitter of toy drone like JJRC H67, Eachine E011, etc which using the Bayang protocol
  • 【Support】Some basic guidance and typical FAQ, please check the manual at here: Any other problem feel free to contact:

BETAFPV Beta95X V3 Pusher Whoop Drone Analog Version with F4 AIO 20A Toothpick FC 1106 3800KV Motors M02 25-250mW VTX for SMO 4K Camera Naked GoPro lite FPV Filming Freestyle Racing (Frsky FCC)

  • 【For SMO 4K Camera】Beta95X V3 is perfectly suitable for the SMO 4K action camera. It comes with a built-in camera mount and a power cable, pilots can get a convenient out-of-the-box installation and power input for SMO 4K
  • 【Beta95X V3 Pusher frame】Adopts a brand-new innovative pusher frame design, Beta95X V3 is made of PA12 material, it can dampen noise and vibrations and have high abrasion resistance, bringing the drone a more durable flight and no fear of damage
  • 【Powerful & reliable Configuration】Beta95X V3 equipped with F4 AIO 20A Toothpick FC V4, 1106 3800KV motor, and brand-new D63 5-blade props, with this highly efficient power system, Beta95X V3 is more powerful and less noise in flight
  • 【Shock mitigation system】Further improves the shock mitigation system to eliminate the shake of the camera, Beta95X V3 will make the camera more stable on the flight, which ensures pilots can capture all the beautiful moments of flight with the stabilized and clear video
  • 【Pusher Style】Centering the drone's gravity by reversed-motor design and top battery place makes the drone more maneuverable to achieve all FPV freestyle tricks such as diving

Betafpv Micro FPV Drone - Beta95X V3 Frame Kit

  • Built-in carbon fiber for flight controller and reserve a storage room for the antenna, Beta95X V3 frame has a more concise appearance and more convenient for installation.
  • Made of high-quality PA12 material, Beta95X V3 frame kit has high abrasion resistance, toughness, showing excellent impact resistance in drop & impact tests, it also can dampen noise and vibrations, bringing a more durable flight and no fear of damage.
  • Beta95X V3 frame also comes with an EVA foam cushioning design to give pilots more safety flying.
  • Compared with the Beta95X V2 frame, V3 frame kit maintain the "pusher style" design but has higher durability, a concise appearance and easier for installation.
  • Equipped with a shock mitigation system, this frame kit can carry a lightweight camera like SMO 4K camera, and eliminate the shake of the camera. It makes the camera more stable on the flight, which ensures pilots can capture all the beautiful moments of flight with the stabilized and clear video.