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iFlight Titan XL5 6S FPV Racing Quadcopter Drone BNF with GPS Built with Crossfire Nano RX for TBS

  • TITAN XL5 6s fpv racing drone BNF with GPS module for GPS rescue (NOT return to home)
  • NEW X-Geometry frame to get the best performance for freestyle,6mm arms ,more durable,360° TPU protection and antenna mounts
  • Built with Crossfire Nano RX receiver for TBS ,can bind for TBS controller
  • SucceX-E F4 45A Stack and our popular XING 2208 1800kv unibell motors
  • Please read the manual careful before you fly this drone,you can also contact us at any time, we provide best customer service !

iFlight Nazgul5 V2 5inch 6S FPV Racing Drone BNF Freestyle Quadcopter Built with Frsky XM+ Receiver

  • 1.Nazgul5 V2 fpv racing drone bnf built with latest iFlight XL5 V5 fpv frame: popular true-X layout,5mm easy-swap arms ,360° full body TPU protection and antenna mounts
  • 2.Built  with the Frsky XM+ receiver,so you can bind this drone to your Frsky radio controller
  • 3.Pre-tuned and freestyle setup, everything you need is just bind-and-fly
  • 4.This 5inch analog fpv drone design for professional pilot,Recommended: 1300mah 6s lipo battery.
  • 5.When you have any question,write to us,we will provide best customer service.

iFlight FULLSEND 1300mAh 120C 22.2V 6S LiPo Battery XT60 Plug for FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter Helicopter Airplane

  • The Fullsend Lipo batteries have an awesome performance with 120C discharge capability and cost a fraction of most other batteries on the market
  • 6s lipo batteries design features an all black shrink cover, the XT60 connector and black balance connector for a sleek stealth look, make your drone look good
  • High-quality cells ensure even delivery of power with minimal voltage sag under heavy loads
  • Each Fullsend battery is individually QC checked at the factory, ensuring you get the best performing battery out of the box
  • Discharge plug: XT60 Connector, Charge Plug: JST-XHP-7P Connector

iFlight XT30/ XT60 Smoke Stopper with Alarm Buzzer,Short-Circuit Protection Safety Inspecting for 2-6S RC Quad FPV Racing Drone

  • 1.iFlight XT30/ XT60 Smoke Stopper ,Every quad drone owner should have one
  • 2.Input Voltage: 7-25V,this smoke stopper can help avoid damage when you power on your 2-6s quad drone for the first time
  • 3.XT30 & XT60 (Input and Output),suit for FPV drone with XT30 or XT60 connector.
  • 4.The LED indicator turns solid green in normal situation, The LED indicator turns off and starts beeping in abnormal situation.
  • 5.Please email us when you have any question,we will provide you best customer service.

iFlight ProTek35 3.5inch 4S Cinewhoop FPV Drone Built with Frsky XM+ Receiver-BNF

  • 1.iFlight ProTek35 is 3.5inch cinewhoop fpv drone,Built with Frsky XM+ Receiver. Recommended battery: 1300mah-1550mah 4s lipo( not included)
  • 2.Still no prop in view.compare with BumbleBee drone,the ProTek35 increased performance and reduce weight for an even better and longer flight experience.flight time increased 1-3min.
  • 3.Built with NEW XING 2203.5 3600kv 4s motor,less heat and more durability.the speed and thrust increased 50%. Built with High performance True-AIO Board Beast Whoop F7 AIO 45A.
  • 4.Durable plastic protectors with copper standoffs, portable compact design, easy accessable USB port without disassembly, LED battery status, lost model buzzer and a universal TPU base for a full size or nakedGopro.
  • 5.Notice: if you can not success to bind this drone to your frsky radio,please check the receiver firmware,which should update to ACCST D16 V2.1,at same time,your remote controller firmware also need to update to V2 version.

iFlight Titan XL5 HD 6S Drone BNF with GPS 5inch Racing and Freestyle Quadcopter (Digital FPV Air Unit for DJI)

  • TITAN XL5 w/Air Unit BNF 6s fpv drone features the amazing new FPV system for DJI ,HD image qualiy.Weight 484g without battery.
  • NEW X-Geometry frame to get the best performance for freestyle,6mm arms ,more durable,360° TPU protection and antenna mounts
  • 5 inch drone with GPS module for GPS rescue (NOT return to home)
  • Latest SucceX-D F7 (50A 4-in-1 ESC) Stack and our popular XING 2208 motors
  • Before you use,please read the manual careful,you can also contact us at any time, we provide best customer service !

iFlight Programmable RGB FPV Drone LED Lights Strip Board(4pcs)

  • 5 RGB WS2182 led lamps,plugs directly into iFlight FC and easy betaflight configuration
  • Led light board come with wire connector and heat shrink tube
  • LED board back with sticky side,it is easy to sticky your fpv frame arms
  • Support series and parallel connection
  • This LED board is suitable for light DIY on quadcopter, multirotor, airplane, helicopter

iFlight M3 Titanium Hex Allen Socket Button Head Screws Lot of 20pcs (M3 x 8mm)

  • Item Name: M3 titanium screws 10mm button head hex
  • Material : TA2 Titanium; Size : M3 x 10mm
  • Lightest drone screws to reducing the frame weight
  • Highest strength for your fpv racing frame
  • Popular used in Quadcopter, Multicopter, Aircraft and FPV racing drone

iFlight Nazgul5 V2 5inch 6S FPV Racing Drone Freestyle Quadcopter BNF Built with TBS Crossfire Nano Rx

  • 1.Nazgul5 V2 fpv racing drone bnf built with latest iFlight XL5 V5 fpv frame: popular true-X layout,5mm easy-swap arms ,360° full body TPU protection and antenna mounts
  • 2.Built with the Tbs Crossfire Nano Rx,so you can bind our this drone to your TBS radio controller
  • 3.Pre-tuned and freestyle setup, everything you need is just bind-and-fly
  • 4.This 5inch analog fpv drone design for professional pilot,Recommended: 1300mah 6s lipo battery.
  • 5.When you have any question,write to us,we will provide best customer service.

IFLIGHT 90 Degree L-Shaped Right Angle USB Adapter Version FPV Drone Special Adjustment Extension Board

  • iFlight 90 degree L-shaped right angle USB adapter version FPV drone special adjustment extension board
  • Brand: iFlight ; Model: USB adapter version ; Aircraft type: fpv drone special adjustment extension board
  • L-type 90 degree Micro USB adapter board, (90 degree micro usb female to micro usb male adapter board)
  • One end of the plug is a Micro USB female, and one end is a MICRO USB male ; Elbow 90 degree adapter, more reliable to change the direction of the data line ; Support USB data transmission, synchronization function
  • Technical Parameters:Weight 1.1g ; Size: 27*9*12mm